Moredread, Season 1 - Episode 1: EVICTED Ann Hunter


Published: December 24th 2014


22 pages


Moredread, Season 1 - Episode 1: EVICTED  by  Ann  Hunter

Moredread, Season 1 - Episode 1: EVICTED by Ann Hunter
December 24th 2014 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 22 pages | ISBN: | 5.34 Mb

SYNOPSIS:Mike, a Manhattan bartender down on his luck, finds himself evicted from his Bronx apartment. A walk to clear his head ends in a tragic accident. He wakes up at Fairy Tale Inn in the magical land of Crum where townsfolk burst into song, and all is bright and cheerful... or is it? Often the happiest places are facades for something darker.Can Mike accept his new identity as Moredread and save our favorite fairy tale characters from a fate far more sinister than being stuck in a chorus line?Season 1 - Episode 1: EVICTEDMike wishes he had something better to do than his dead end bartending job and staying on the lam from the bookies and debt collectors he owes.

Unfortunately, time runs out. Having missed his third rent payment in a row, Mike finds himself homeless and broke. Oh, and look, Benny the Bookies fist just said hello to Mikes face... and gut... and pretty much every other place he could think to kick his can to.Mike doesnt believe his day could get any worse, but then he wakes up in a medieval tavern, only to find his rent there is also due.

The innkeeper calls him Moredread, and its time he start earning his keep.

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