Contract Love Bobby B.


Published: June 11th 2015



Contract Love  by  Bobby B.

Contract Love by Bobby B.
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Mike accidentally broke a tooth. He had no regular dentist, but a helpful onlooker took him to his own dentist, who, to Mikes surprise, turned out to be a woman. To his delight she turned out to be an elegantly handsome, enchanting unmarried woman. For the first time since the death of his beloved wife four years earlier, Mike wanted to leave his lonely grief, to form a new romance, the thing his late wife had, in her last days, told him he must do for himself and for their children. But Jillian, the lady dentist, made it clear that for reasons she would not divulge, she would not get involved in a personal relationship nor anything which might lead to one.There seemed only one way Mike might be with Jillian.

She is an accomplished lady athlete. In high school and university she won letters in several sports. But though always interested in golf, she never had a chance to take it up. Mike thought this gave him his chance. He would form a just friends golf teaching arrangement with Jillian which, with time, he could nudge into romance.

Mike is a skilled golfer, a scratch player who led his school teams in high school and university. Also, he is a successful businessman, and a leading member of the citys most prestigious golf club.At first Jillian resisted Mikes offer to teach her how to play. After all, his romantic nudge plan was obvious.

But his persistence and her desire to learn the game finally won out, and she agreed to a contract whereby he would teach her to play. But this friendly contract explicitly forbid any romantic nudging. Jillian made it clear that anything Mike did to turn their golf friendship into anything more would lead her to break it off completely.Thus Mike and Jillian became regular players at the country club. And though Jillian always insisted they were just golf buddies, none of the other regulars believed her. They saw evidence she couldnt hide that she liked Mike just as much as he liked her.

Mike never tried to hide his affection for Jillian, and he has a reputation as a man who does not engage in casual sexual affairs. So everyone decided Jillian was resisting the marriage they all were sure was Mikes goal.A couple old geezers thought Jillian, a woman in a traditional male profession, is a radical feminist opposed to marriage. They thought the pair were having a sexual affair.

Most club regulars disagreed. They felt sure there was no sexual affair. And since Mike had never dared violate the personal relationship forbidding part of his and Jillians golf teaching contract, they were right. Moreover, building on the few clues they were able to garner, most club regulars decided Jillian, whom they all believed really wanted to marry Mike, could not or would not do so for religious reasons.Jillian, they had concluded, is a devout Roman Catholic who was already married in the church, and would not consider divorce.

Some thought she was attempting to get an annulment from the Vatican. A few thought her husband had absconded to Brazil with their children, and she dared not divorce and remarry for fear it would prejudice her chances of ever regaining them. But strangest of all, some thought Jillian is a nun in an order where the sisters live outside convent, dress in ordinary clothes and work in ordinary service occupations. So she could not marry Mike without abandoning her vows, her vocation and her beliefs.Mike heard all these rumors. He didnt know which might be true. He guessed Jillian indeed was married, and trying to decide whether or not to divorce.

But he feared her husband was in jail, and Jillian was waiting for his release in order to resume the marriage.Finally, Mike could contain his love no longer. Finally he deliberately violated the romance forbidding provision in their contract. One night after a successful round of golf, he grabbed her and kissed her.What then?

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